Between faith and reason

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GBTC 5 Years in Africa-2

Some time ago, while having a conversation with someone close to me, the subject of reason came up in the conversation. I was describing how sometimes, many times in fact, choices have to be made, hard choices. When funds are low for instance, how do you decide who to spend it on? Who will be cared for and who will not? I know that we cannot care for everyone, but I am referring here to people we have been caring for and who depend on us for their food, medication, medical procedures and so on. A sad voice at the other end of the phone said “I’m sure it’s hard, but it has to be done, maybe you should care for those who have a chance of survival and omit the ones who will certainly die soon, save their souls that is what’s important.”

I guess that was the voice of reason, a cold hard fact that in a tough situation, one has to make a decision however hard it may be; Should I pay the mortgage or make the car payment? Well I need a house first so the car can wait ‘til later. Simple enough and to the point, but how do you tell someone or yourself for that matter, “I’m sorry, I can’t care for you today because I only have enough to care for one person and…”

The other approach is that of faith, believing that God will provide somehow and that everyone will be cared for because every soul is important. God may make some hard demands on us sometimes, even bring us to the edge, but He certainly doesn’t want us to go insane in the process. It is a test of our faith and determination to trust Him in any and all situations, a way of reminding us why we are here doing what we do. Point in fact, we care for every person one at a time and when our last dollar is spent, new dollars show up so we can care for the next person. We care for about thirty five people a month at the hospital, sixty three in Rukoko and many more that God puts in our path; Never have we had to refuse food or medication to anyone. So I will reason with you that faith is the reasonable alternative, and if you choose to follow Him, have faith because He alone is the voice of reason.

Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed in pure water.       Hebrews 10:22


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