Feeding Program

Feeding Program

Our food program for the poor takes place at the Gisenyi hospital where we serve over 100 meals daily. The program started with the need to feed our patients who were too poor to do it themselves and expended over time to caring for all who are in need at the hospital.
We serve healthy 2500 calories meals once a day and are planning to expend the program to te Nyamata Hospital.

HIV and Aids


Our HIV/AIDS ministry offers education, screening and counseling in partnership with the health ministry through the local health centers and NGOs. One day a week we travel to remote areas to help curb the spread of the virus in the rural areas. We have screened over 4000 people a year. As the popularity of our program grows, we expect to screen twice as many next year.

palliative care and burial

palliative care and burial program

We care for thirty to fifty patients per month; on average five patients per month are terminal and die in our care. We provide palliative care to ease the patients suffering, when the time comes, we perform a Christian burial at the Gisenyi cemetary or near their village in the bush. Thirty per cent of them are children.

shelter for abused women

Shelter for Abused women

This project started three years ago, with the need for a shelter to protect and help abused women and their children. We opened our first Harvest House in Gisenyi and have since been asked to open more shelters in other regions of Rwanda. So it is with great pleasure that this year we officially open a new Harvest House in Nyamata in the District of Bugesera.

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