start a fundraiser and change the world

Many people would like to help, but are not sure how. Volunteering in the field us difficult and you may not have the funds to make donations.
Starting a fundraiser is another alternative; you are actively participating in your favorite project, all is required is goodwill and a little of your time.
Whether it’s a yard sale, a bake sale or in partnership with your church, you can get your friends and community involved.
Using the internet and social media is another way to fund raise for a good cause. Involve your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends, let them know that you are trying to make a difference

follow these five simple steps

1.choose a project

Let your heart decide. You must feel some connection with one of our projects, feeding the hungry, bringing medical care to children or maybe helping abused women and children. Focus on the project of your choice and pray about it, allow God to guide you and know that it is your project.

2.register your fundraiser with us

Tell us about yourself and your fundraiser. We will publicize it on the website and social media, we will support your efforts and provide you with the help you need to run a successful fundraiser.

3.plan your fundraiser

Now you are ready to begin, determine how long you want the fundraiser to last, how much are you trying to raise, where you will do it and who will be involved. Good planning makes for easier work and is a good step toward success.

4.start your fundraiser

Start your fundraiser, tell your friends about it and let everybody know that you are doing something to make a difference. Monitor it, work it with all your heart and never forget; that it’s not how much you raise that matters, but the fact that you did something for someone in need.

5.share your success with us

Let us know about your success, tell us about the people involved in it with you and how much fun it was. We will send you pictures of your funds at work and keep you up to date on the project. Simply send your check to:
Go Beyond The Cross
PO box 313
Wrightsville, PA. 17368

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