Partner with us to make the world a better place

Corporate partners

Corporate partners bring much needed help to our projects. They may choose to give as a corporate body, or involve their employees. Employees can give to a project or help fundraise, some may even choose to participate through our volunteer program. In any case, it shows that your company cares and is active in giving back.

individual partners

Private individuals like yourself invest in bettering the world around them. You too can be part of our projects, by making a one time donation or a monthly contribution to the project of your choice. A monthly newsletter will be emailed to you, keeping you up to date on our projects. Some of our contributors have already visited with us in the field and have witnessed the work they are supporting. You too are invited to visit us.


Non Governmental Organizations and other similar entities have partnered with us since the inception of our ministry. We often work on similar projects and have the same goals, to serve people in need. By working together, we can accomplish more and bring our individual expertise to the projects, contact us so we can share ideas and explore the possibility of a partnership.