The face of HOPE

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Belise retrouve son sourire

My name is Belize, I am HIV positive and when I arrived at the Gisenyi hospital, I also suffered from Tuberculosis and malnutrition. I only weighed 29 kilos and had no hope. I spent five … Read More

GBTC welcomes new president

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Beginning August 1st, Founder and President Patrick Lherisson will be stepping down as President of Go Beyond The Cross leaving his chair to Aline Mukabalisa. Mrs. Mukabalisa has worked for the past five years for … Read More

HARVEST HOUSE – new SGBV shelter

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Without a strong support network, victims of abuse find themselves going back to the same environment where they experienced the abuse. Gender based violence often comes from family members or neighbors and reoccurs over time. … Read More

Fleeing Burundi

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We are trying to get another family out of Burundi.  Since the fighting began, nearly 300,000 people have fled war torn Burundi and many have died trying. We are doing all we can to bring … Read More

African Women are People Too

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African Women

Over 57% of Rwandan women are the victims of gender based violence in their families, according to a study conducted by the Rwandan Focus. Research, conducted countrywide by the Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC), also … Read More

Harvest House

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Nyamata hospital

Our campaign to open a new shelter for victims of Gender Based Violence is underway. We have the necessary authorizations and funding requests have been submitted. We will keep you updated on the website and … Read More

GBTC YOUTH is growing

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Since its creation one and a half years ago, GBTC YOUTH is growing. From a simple project of collecting clothes for the children at the Gisenyi Rwanda hospital to collecting funds for an incubator in … Read More